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Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Holds Accrued, Unused Sick Time Does Not Qualify As Wages Under The Wage Act

In a decision released January 29, 2018, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court held that payment for accrued, unused sick time does not count as wages under the Wage Act, G.L. c. 149, §§ 148, 150. The decision, Tze-Kit Mui v. Massachusetts Port Authority, SJC-12296, addressed an employee’s claim that his former employer violated the Wage Act by failing to timely pay him for his accrued but unused sick time upon his retirement.

Supreme Judicial Court Holds School District/City is Exempt from Tort Liability for Failing to Act to Prevent Bullying

In a decision released February 27, 2018, the Supreme Judicial Court held that the Massachusetts Tort Claims Act, (“Act”), G.L. c. 258, § 10 (j), shielded the City of Lynn and Lynn Public Schools from liability for negligently failing to prevent bullying. The decision, Cormier v. City of Lynn, SJC-12323, involved a Lynn elementary school student who suffered permanent paralysis as a result of being pushed down a stairwell by a classmate.

Attorneys Nick Dominello and Caroline Thibeault Discuss Social Media at the 2018 Annual MMA Conference

VDH attorneys Nick Dominello and Caroline Thibeault discussed the complex issues that arise when municipalities use social media at the 2018 annual conference of the Massachusetts Municipal Association. The panel was moderated by Julie Jacobson, the Town Manager of Auburn, Massachusetts and also included a presentation by Connor Read, the Town Administrator of Easton, Massachusetts.

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