COVID-19 Update: Governor Baker Lifts State of Emergency; Massachusetts to Remove Majority of Restrictions

Governor Charlie Baker recently announced that effective May 29, 2021, the majority of Massachusetts’ COVID-19 restrictions will end. Specifically, Governor Baker announced that the current mask mandate will be removed and masks will be required only in certain settings:

  1. Childcare programs;
  2. K-12 public schools, special education schools, and as otherwise required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education;
  3. Settings hosting vulnerable populations, including congregate care settings such as nursing homes;
  4. Healthcare facilities;
  5. Transportation systems, including busses and rideshares.

Pursuant to guidance issued on May 17, 2021, by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, students are no longer required to wear masks outdoors, even if distance cannot be maintained. Adults, including staff, will continue to be required to wear masks outdoors where distancing cannot be maintained.

After May 29, 2021, municipalities may still require masks to be worn within the municipality.

Governor Baker further stated that effective June 15, 2021, Massachusetts will no longer be in a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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